Applied Game Theory
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Here you'll get endless practice solving some of the games covered in the course. Answers are automatically checked: we won't tell you the correct answer, but we will tell you whether your answer is correct. As always, submit complete answers and use fractions to avoid rounding errors (e.g., 1/3 instead of 0.33). To get started, choose "Weakly dominated actions" under "Exercise type" above. Have fun!
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That's right! Submit three correct answers in a row to exercises of your most recently unlocked task type to unlock the next type.

Customize the game, say by increasing the number of players or actions, for a bigger challenge. Finding mixed equilibria is typically harder than finding pure-strategy ones.

Remember that pure strategies are a special case of mixed strategies, so it may help to look first for pure-strategy solutions. Usually you can learn more about what you got wrong in the console. Suspect a bug? Report it by clicking "Give feedback" next to the exercise heading.

Some exercises types lend themselves better to this format than others. But what's here is hopefully still better than nothing!

More exercise types may be added. If there's something in particular you're missing, send an email to jg at ifro dot ku dot dk.

It's been tested on Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Still, you're more than welcome to submit feedback to jg at ifro dot ku dot dk.

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